Thursday, October 31, 2013

God is at Work Part 2

 I want to give you an update on some of the children we hosted last year.  As many of you know, my family met Lena when we hosted her in 2012.  We hosted her brother, Sasha, in 2013, and later met their older brother, Alosha.  We have court on November 28th and will make these 3 a permanent part of the Davie family.  But there are others as well.

The Laws are a family from Colorado.  They were working with Lifeline, an agency here in Birmingham to adopt from Ukraine.  Lifeline suggested they come down to visit during our hosting program in July.  They did and felt drawn to 2 children in particular.  They returned home in September with Sergey and Kristina. Thank you, Lord, for leading the Laws to these 2 precious children.

While the children were passing through Kyiv on their way to Alabama last summer they stayed at the home of the Malones, missionaries to Ukraine, and adoptive parents themselves.  A family was staying with the Malones in October who was about to go the SDA for a blind referral.  The Malones remembered Tanya and Yura, whom we had hosted,  and told the Higbies about them.  This family also “happened” to be friends with the Laws.  (see paragraph number one).  The Higbies just had court this week, giving Tanya and Yura a Mama and Papa.  Are you loving how God weaves His way in and through His people?  Well, there’s more.

In March, I met Kostya; about to turn 16.  I decided to add him to our hosting list at the last minute and blogged about it.  The Torvinens read the blog.  And they recognized him.  In fact, Brandy had Kostya’s picture taped to her computer so she could be reminded to pray for him.  She had first read about him through another hosting organization.  The Torvinens came to Alabama and met Kostya.  They filed their paperwork before his 16th birthday, as is required.  And they have an appointment  November 26th to begin the adoption process of Kostya in Ukraine. 

God is at work.  He uses hosting programs, blogs, facebook, random meetings, and He glorifies Himself in them.  He has a special love for the orphan.  He gives us, His Bride, the amazing opportunity to be a vessel of that love.  Sometimes I feel  like a spectator; or, at best, a participant carried along on a wave over which I have no control.  I would encourage every reader of this blog, every supporter of GtU, every follower of Christ, to open your eyes.  Behold your God at work around you.  As my pastor, David Platt, often says, give God a blank check with no strings attached and see what He leads you to do.  Whatever it is, you can be assured, that it is God Himself who goes before you and He will accomplish all that He purposes to accomplish.  God is at work.  Won't you join him?